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Botnets:  Why you don't want to be a part of one.. NEW CONTENT

Connections; Notes on the different ways to get Internet

Email setup: It is as easy as calling your e-mail service provider..

Internet Capping:  At a time when Internet usage should be getting easier, the Internet Service Providers seem intent on trying to restrict usage. Is this progress and should we complain?

Internet Speed: Test your connection speed here, and check for Superhighway blockages.. 

Malware Infection:  Infections which slow down  your computer.. 

Security: Passwords and why you should use them.. New section

What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet.. FOR ALL TO SEE

If I was to remove this entire website from the server which hosts it, would it disappear without trace?

After a while, the search engine spiders would stop reporting the location back to their bases, and the pages would come up as 404 Page not found errors, but only because the address is no longer valid. Parts of it that are picked up by other servers may well end up in an archive, not necessarily because somebody has decided to keep my stuff to be used in evidence against me at some point in the future, but just because that is what the server does by default

Of course, some people copy stuff from websites, text, pictures etc too, and it is easy enough to do on websites that have not been locked down. Even locked website content can be copied out with the Vista/Windows 7 snipping tool or an application like SnagIt. In the same way, social networking profiles are subject to being copied.

OK.. if you don't want personal details about you to become public property, don't publish them on the Internet. What seems like harmless fun today could well be your downfall tomorrow.



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