Microsoft Windows and your PC


The stone age..

At one time, we were capped by the charges incurred using dial up connection to the Internet. It didn't take long to run up a sizeable charge, especially when taking part in a chat room or downloading large files. Eventually, the Internet Service Providers relented and gave us unlimited dial up, which meant that we could surf all day for the connection price of a local call. Trouble was that the regular telephone was unavailable for incoming calls.

The New era..

Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) saved us. A device fitted at the exchange end of your telephone line and a DSL modem at your end split the line in two parts, enabling the telephone to be used at the same time as being Internet connected. The technology in the DSL modem also allowed for a speed hike which, at its lowest, would deliver four times the bandwidth of dial up.

Since those heady days, being connected to the Internet has been a real pleasure, and speed of DSL and Cable has increased enough to allow for complex and interactive websites and the downloading of all kinds of stuff.



Price will determine how much time you spend online doing the things that you like to do. Here is a list of Internet activities which may bring about excess charges and calls from the ISP to upgrade your service..

  1. Downloading music (legally or otherwise)

  2. Downloading movies

  3. Downloading and watching videos on services such as YouTube

  4. Downloading programs and operating system updates

  5. Receiving and sending e-mail (including the reception of SPAM e-mail)

  6. Plain old surfing

  7. Chat room participation and social networking

  8. Messaging via instant messenger services

  9. RSS feeds to your browser or e-mail client

  10. Online gaming

The ISPs claim that they are trying to create a balance regarding bandwidth usage between the most prolific users and those who just pick up e-mail and surf now and again. The truth is that you can negotiate for unlimited downloads and it doesn't cost that much extra, maybe only $10.