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The best free blogging service for beginners..

I hate to have to say it but Google's Blogger is the best. If you didn't already know, I am not a huge fan of Google, but the fact that many types of entry can be easily implemented makes Blogger the best by far.

My technical blog is hosted privately and is here..

.. but I have four other blogs all hosted by Blogger. Here is one of them, from which you can see the others via links..

I am not the most prolific blogger by any means, but it is a nice way to put things down on 'virtual' paper, and is a great way to share whatever you consider to be interesting or important..

Windows Live essentials has a element which is good for managing multiple blogs. It is called Windows Live Writer. If you associate your blogs with it, you can easily produce content for any one of them, and save the originals to your PC as a kind of backup.

So many of us pass through this world, never getting our fifteen minutes of fame, never achieving globally recognised greatness. The 'Western culture' is not given to sharing and passing down stories, but there was a time where it would have been an important part of life, part of our learning.

It can be fun, and you should give it a try.

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