Microsoft Windows and your PC

About Me..

A bit of history..

In the early days, I learned from mistakes made while using the 'trial and error' way. I had just one friend who was interested in computers, and we played around with whatever we could find, making changes, trying all kinds of things. Sometimes, we got it badly wrong, but most of the time we made good progress.

Writing programs in 'BASIC' and 'machine code' taught me about how software interacts with the hardware, but I am no 'programmer', trust me. It was probably the most frustrating aspect of computing that I have ever come across, searching through pages of tractor-feed paper looking for errors.

However, it served me well because I understand the problems and have some sympathy for the software writer who has to try to ensure that it all works and that there is more than an element of compatibility.

I have worked on 'big' computers for a very large computer company in the past, but now I work for myself, helping people like you get the best 'computing experience' possible from your Windows computer.

Online support is important to me too. I have been awarded MVP status by Microsoft for my participation in the Microsoft newsgroups and latterly forums since 2005. It is all voluntary, and the kick is that I get to help people worldwide. There is an MVP Award section in this website which you can access via the page menu or by clicking on the blue MVP logo in the left border.   

And now?

So, despite being a techie person, I am like you. I want to be able to turn on things and for them to just work. This website is not really about fixing anything. It is about understanding how a computer works, and how to avoid the pitfalls before you step into them. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

My hope is that you enjoy the 'read' and get something out of the pages contained therein.

Most importantly, have a great day..