Microsoft Windows and your PC


A quick guide to what is in each section..

Do's and Don'ts: A list of you 'really should and absolutely shouldn't'..

Lifecycles: Nothing lasts forever

Optimizing: Getting the best out of your computer

Registry Cleaners:  Registry cleaners and Disk utilities can kill ...

Software - Free and $$$: Looking for software which will help you maintain and protect your computer? Or maybe something that will help make your computing experience more productive? These sections include links which will take you directly to the official software author website.


When on a software download site, please ensure that you click on the right download button. Some software is provided free because the software author has  included 'pay per click' software as a means of financing the website and the free stuff. It is not always obvious.

When installing free stuff, choose the 'custom' option if there is one and look out for the 'extra' software, generally toolbars, and uncheck the option to include it. You need extra toolbars like a pneumatic tire needs a sharp object sticking into it.


More topics will be added over time. Please check back here occasionally.