Microsoft Windows and your PC

Software - Not Free, but highly recommended

Windows 8 Start menu..

Start8 is in my opinion the best Start Menu alternative which brings back the more traditional menu to the Windows 8 desktop. It costs $5.00..

Screen Capture utility..

Snag-It is one of those programs that you didn't know that you couldn't do without until you have tried it. It can capture the entire screen or any part of it. Techsmith also produce a program called Camtasia which can be used to make instructional videos as it records whatever happens on the screen.

Scanner control..

Vuescan will get your scanner working again when the scanner manufacturer no longer offers operating system support for your model.

Dual Monitor Utility..

Ultramon is the premier multi-monitor control utility, giving the user unsurpassed control. Although dual head video cards are supplied with dual monitor software, upgrading to the newest release of Windows tends to render the manufacturer software unusable. Ultramon will return full control back to the user and more besides.

DisplayFusion There is still a free version, but the Pro version is the full feature version which, like Ultramon, will give full control over a multi-monitor array.