Microsoft Windows and your PC


Notes for all Notebook (Laptop) and Tablet owners.. 

Always use a laptop pad. You can even get away with a rigid place mat or plastic cutting board, but please don't run a laptop which is siting directly on soft furnishings of any kind. The air vents on the underside will not allow as much air through as they should, and the end result is damaged hard drives and motherboard.
When buying, get the absolute best that you can afford because there is little you can do afterwards to improve what you have bought. All computers look pretty much the same when the lid is closed, BUT underneath, quality of components and resources make a huge difference to how they work. Also, it is NOT the AMOUNT of work that you do on your computer, it is the TYPE of work. Sending emails is easy, streaming videos requires comsiderably more oomph.
Tablets tend to have little storage of their own, and some do not have the connections or slots to connect to other storage devices. The premise is that you will use the 'cloud'.  Be aware that cloud storage COSTS after the point wher you have used up all of your free storage. Check the agreement..